Vancouver Area EV Sales,
Conversions and Services

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New EV Sales

Conversion Services

  • EAS Electric Autosports Inc. EAS specializes in conversions with AC drive systems and lithium batteries as well as plug-in hybrid conversions for Prius and other hybrids. Since 2008 EAS has converted trucks, sports cars and boats to run on electrons. EAS can also supply LiFePo4 (lithium) batteries, battery management, motors and controllers for your project and has a complete bolt-in kit for the Mazda Miata. Contact Greg Murray to discuss your dream electric conversion.
  • Canadian Electric Vehicles has over two decades of experience on EV conversions. Randy Holmquist sells conversion kits for the DIY-er and may convert your car if you have one of the cars or trucks for which he has a kit! Contact
  • Excel Autocare - Arie Winkelhorst in Langley has an auto mechanic business that also has done many propane and natural gas conversions in the past. They have completed an S-10 conversion for a VEVA member most recently and have taken on some of the more complex challenges such as interfacing to a later than 1995 model vehicle with advanced computer. They plan to do a Ford Ranger next. 604-533-1216.
  • Jesse Lorenz has done several conversions, for example a Honda Civic (archived webpage) and another vehicle and is now offering conversion services. Contact him at 604-313-3448 or at
  • Guy Durnin has sent a note that he is looking to do conversions with a proprietary battery format. It may be nickle-iron related, similar to what survived in the 1912 Detroit for 80 years.

Other Services

  • Aerowox RCM Machining - Fully Equipped Machine Shop with 9 machines - 25% off custom work to VEVA members ... call Simon Jojin - 604.538.6518 - cell 604.723.9091 or e-mail
  • Component Manufacturers

    • Delta-Q is developing multiple products based on a power platform which utilizes a high efficiency, high frequency power conversion circuit with advanced software control. Their 72-volt charger is one of the best power factor corrected chargers out there for the golf cart industry.