"A Celebration of Electric Transportation"
September 12, 2010 from 10 am to 4pm.
Concord Place, 88 Pacific Blvd., Vancouver, BC

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After the driest August on record, it rained all day. Not a lot of walk-by or drive-by traffic but many people came out purposely to see the show. A few exhibitors didn't make it because of the rain but we did get TWO Teslas (Horatio from Vancouver and Chad from Seattle), Thomas Greither's Tango from California, Steve Dallas' unique A2B prototype from Toronto, Gerry Martselo's 240SX drift car from Vernon, Byron Sheardown's repowered Neon, a new ltihium Azure powered S10 and our own 1912 Detroit. At least half a dozen of the cars were lithium powered and have 200+ km range. Many thanks go to Concord Pacific for the perfect site, Coast Mountain Bus for providing one of their 160 new 6.9 litre diesel hybrid buses as well as an example of a new 600-volt trolley bus. Each bus came complete with the best technical reps we have ever had the pleasure to talk to! Thanks to the City of Vancouver for providing one of their iMiEVs and to BC Hydro for a demo of the first production Plug-In Prius in Canada. Thanks to eatArt and for providing arrays of solar panels to show and to Leviton for showing their J1772 adapter box. Big thanks to Horatio for providing hours of thrilling demos for the crowds in our 150x200 metre fenced-in test area. Just as big a thanks go to the volunteers from VEVA who planned and put on the event. Some key Concord Pacific execs were impressed and our future 220 volt equipped condo parking appears assured!

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Thanks to corporate sponsors ...
Thanks to our tireless volunteers ...
  • Camilo, our events co-ordinator, effectively, efficiently and successfully organizing our Electrafest show.
  • Everyone that participated at our numerous Electrafest planning sessions on Saturdays at Calhouns.
  • Don for spending over a weeks time negotiating, securing and insuring the site. And for making sure all the details are taken care of...
  • John S. for media communications and spokesperson, signage, posters, contract...
  • Harry, Don, John S, Camilo & others for securing exhibitors, volunteers and visitors from far and wide.
  • Gordon for registration, website and the ton of behind-the-scenes computer work...
  • Vincent for site layout, exhibitor's package, volunteers coordination, printing signs.
  • Solomon, John S & others for the signage and posters.
  • Volunteers that brought all the essential components (VEVA vehicles, tents, fencing, forms, chairs...food) to the show to make it happen.
  • Volunteers that took on tasks great & small to make the show run smoothly & safely, and to entertain & inform the sponsors, exhibitors and the public.
  • All exhibitors that bought their vehicles to share, inform and entertain us all.
  • Horatio and COV/ Brian Beck for opening up their car to rain soaked passengers and giving them joy rides & EV grins.
  • Have I left out anyone? Please add to the list."
  • The level of attendance and participation at this rain soaked event event is further proof that Electrafest is still a relevant and necessary show. Hope to see you all next year!