The Electric Vehicle Meet of the Year!

Thanks to St. John's Ambulance, the scouts for the food tent, and the many volunteers that made this event possible and safe.

View from Don Chandler's interview tent 
with food tent in the background

Don Crabtree, the ever-innovative builder from south of the border showed a brand new lightweight power-assisted tandem recumbent as well as a new Jr. Drag Bike. A new dune buggy might also have come from the US.
Don Crabtree and his brand new 
tandem electric recumbent
A close-up of same
Crabtree's Jr. Dragbike
Looks like a dune buggy but actually 
a four-wheel drive wheelchair

A new kid on the block (didn't get his name) just popped out of the woodwork! to show his 4.5 HP Etek-motored mountain bike. He won an inpromptu drag race, with Byron's 36 volt US Prodrive mounted on a Lightning Stealth recumbent second and E-Bike Bob's E-Go third. Young Mr. Snalam showed his Little Warrior. A retired fellow named Jack showed his twin-hub-motored city bike.
The E-tek Kid
Four horsepower 
mountain bike
E-tek bike detail
Li'l Warrior

The German-made Mercedes and everyone's favourite commuter Merida on the left. Both bikes are available at Christian Mackenzie's site There were a few new bike and scooter vendors this year, including Motovibe ( and Greenwit (
Mercedes (centre), Merida (left)
The Motovibe booth
The Greenwit tent
Max Winter's Commuter Scooter
Merida (left), E-Go (right)
Greenwit Bike and Scooters

The half-time show consisted of a 3-minute tire-popping smoke show (Optima Batteries car) and a tractor pull. This year it was Dave Koehn's GE Elec-Trak and (Randy Holmquist's) new Might-E-Trax.
Optima Batteries Racer
Tug-O-War (cont'd)
Tug-O-War (cont'd)
Canadian Electric Vehicles' Might-E-Trax

The stately 90-year old Detroit was available for rides much of the day.
1912 Detroit production electric car
1912 Detroit
1912 Detroit

Some electrathon high school race vehicles are photgraphed here.

Cars converted from gas burners to zero-pollution yet useful vehicles were there in great variety. Harry Snalam and son Andrew showed their peppy new 144-volt RX-7 conversion. Mr. and Mrs. Snalam are shown beside the renewed RX-7 below. Al Godfrey's DC-AC powered Posrche 928 was show-ready and perfect. Some people who asked about the Fiero knew them well as overheating gas cars. The '98 Ford Aspire from the University College of the Fraser Valley was a very neat conversion.
The Snalams

Factory built electrics such as the Ford Ranger EV, Ford Think (both courtesy of the City of Vancouver) and the Dynasty IT) cars were especially popular. A lot of Toyota Prius, Honda Insight and Civic hybrids appeared this year.

Here are some unusual vehicles the brainchild of one hobby builder who also just popped out of the woodwork! (It may have been the company called ICS)