CBC Radio and Movie Monday present a free screening of
Who Killed The Electric Car?

- A public forum to explore the competing interests in car consumerism.

WHAT: The regional CBC afternoon show All Points West broadcasts Monday through Friday between 4 and 6pm to listeners across the province (excluding the mainland). Monday January the 22nd we are screening Who Killed The Electric Car? and following it with a public forum to discuss the issues raised in the movie.

WHEN: Monday, January 22nd

WHERE: Eric Martin Pavilion, 1900 Block of Fort Street

DETAILS: 7:30 pm, 92 minutes followed by panel discussion and question period

Tentative topics for discussion:

All Points West with Jo-Ann Roberts
daily from 4-6 PM

Also, a pre-show bonus!

6:30pm Something New, a 1920 silent western movie directed by
Victoria's Nell Shipman where the hero comes to the rescue of a
kidnapped girl in a 1920 Maxwell sedan.